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Born 1975 in Osaka. Had completed at Kyoto City University of Art, Ph.D. Fine Art Sculpture in 2003. He held "L_B_S" exhibition at Maison Hermes in Tokyo in 2009. He covers the stuffed animals collected by Internet with the glass beads and prism seats, and makes them not seem material objects and converts them into renewed visual. Such as his unique technique is coming under the spotlight.

Born in Tokyo. Entered the limelight for winning awards such as the Hitotsubo Award Grand Prix, The Canon New Cosmos of Photography Award for Excellence, and the Kimura Ihei Photography Award. Has since worked in advertisement, fashion magazines, CD jackets, and films as well as holding lots of photography exhibitions and energetically presenting new pieces. Conducted a solo exhibition at the Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery in November of 2008 that has been touring galleries nationwide since April of 2009.

Born 1960 in Akita. Studies Nihonga (Japanese-style painting) and graduates from Tokyo University of the Arts in 1985. Her works in toy and houseware design thereafter become the foundation of her art-making, which she begins in 1998. Attracts attention with the exhibition Inter-Traveler at Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery in July 2009. Currently prepares for an exhibition at Kirishima Open-air Museum in October 2009.


Graphic designer. Had been worked for +81, SAL magazine and his innovative design received a high attention. Published his first workbook ~NEWLINE in 2006. As his work appeared on the cover of Taschen’s popular book Graphic Design Now.

Born 1977 in Tokyo. Has became active as Artless from 2000 and also widely involved in graphic design, art direction, film, and space design. Participated in some exhibition in Japan and abroad, and contributed his works to the media, put his own design project, he also actives as an artist. Won Good Design Award and Tokyo Interactive Award.

Born 1978 in Tokyo. He published his photobook “entropix” in 2008. Held “entropix” exhibition at G/P gallery, Nadiff Gallery, and Spiral Garden in 2009, and will participate in Paris Photo 2009. He shoots the details of phenomenon and surface of artifacts as a part of the metabolism of the city, with his own perspective that the city changing every moment is an organism just like creature and nature. His works can be described as "the organic abstract photography".

He had worked concurrently for Purple Fashion for 13years and a French broadsheet newspaper Le Figaro as an art director. He is never afraid to go beyond multiple genres and enterprisingly collaborates with artists and fashion brands, such as Mark Borthwick, Kim Gordon, ZUCCa and so on.

Founded the Nakajima Design in 1995 after working at publisher Rockin’on. Joined the unit Code in 1999 with Ryuichi Sakamoto, Shigeo Goto, and Rika Sora. Acts as the art director of the magazine CUT in addition to working on various advertising design, binding of photograph collection and book, and packaging. Clear in the fog has won numerous awards such as the New York ADC gold award five times and the silver seven times.

Born in 1974, lives and works in Berlin. He is co-publisher and editor-in-chief of 032c magazine and heads the creative consultancy, 032c Workshop. Tha magazine was launched in 2000, and located at the intersections of fashion, art and politics, 032c is a “celeration of ideas” while espousing a stylistically radical aesthetic.

GERT JONKERS and JOP VAN BENNEKOM are the founding editors of BUTT magazine, the popular interview-based international quarterly art/fashion magazine about interesting homosexuals. (The compilation BUTT BOOK was published by Taschen in 2006.) Also JONKERS launched the international men’s style journal Fantastic Man in 2005 to great critical acclaim.

Studio Newwork is a design studio which consists of 4 designers (Ryotatsu Tanaka, Ryo Kumazaki, Hitomi Ishigaki, Aswin Sadha) who met together at Fashion Institue of Technology in NY. They set up the studio in 2006, and involved in fashion, advertisement, web, branding, and publishing on the side they began Newwork Magazine as an experimental medium from 2007.

After graduating from art school in Singapore, he worked for foreign-financed ad agencies as an art director. He established his own design firm Work in 1997. Werk has been published by his firm since 2000. And he’s also managed the Comme des Garçon Guerrilla Store in South East Asia and also published visual book Guerrillazine. Werk no.16 won D&AD Awards Yellow Pencil in 2009.

Yorgo Tloupas is a French art director and designer. He attended the ESAG art and design school in Paris. For graduation he used his knowledge and contacts in the snowboarding world to create a range of boards. Since 1996 he has been working with various clients, from magazines (Crash magazine), to fashion brands (YSL, Armani, Lacoste, etc.), and many other clients in the arts, music and design world. Since 2001 he lives in London, where he launched the magazine Intersection with Dan Ross and Rankin.




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