9.23(Thu) - 9.24(Fri) Graphic Design

9.23(Thu) - 9.24(Fri) Photography

9.25(Sat) - 9.26(Sun) Art + Illustration

9.25(Sat) - 9.26(Sun) Motion Graphic + Interactive

Born 1986 in Shinjuku, Tokyo. Began shooting photos after receiving an Asahi Pentax SL from his grandfather during middle school. Taught himself how to develop silver halide photos during high school before going on to formally study silver and digital photography in college. Now continues to work as a photographer alongside teaching astronomy in Fukushima.

Graduated from Central Saint Martins college of Art and Design in 2009, specialized in image making. Her work plays with overt and hidden information, using an indirect method of communication to suggest the unseen to viewers. By concealing the information that people usually focus on in a piece, she can instead highlight those parts that would otherwise be overlooked.

Born 1975 in Chiba. Took part group shows such as the CLUE selection exhibition in 1996, the 5th International Exhibition MILANO-TOKYO in 1997, and the Tama Shusaku Fine Arts exhibition in 1998. Graduated from the fine art department of Sokei Art School in 2000. Completed the Sokei Art School’s painting research course in 2001.


Photographer and first-rate architect who continues to pursue the invisible, this world and the next, as well as the shape of mabui (the soul) against the backdrop of Yaeyama in Okinawa. Received the 33rd JPS Exhibition Award for Excellence in 2008. Appeared in the front gravure of the Asahi Camera January 2009 special issue. Held the exhibition Mabui wa Meguru at the Nikon Salon and won the Incentive Award of The Society of Photographic Science and Technology of Japan in 2009. Received the 35th JPS Exhibition Award for Excellence in 2010.

Born 1973 in Tokyo. Graduated from Bunka Gakuin in 1997. Dropped out of the Tokyo College of Photography. Started the solo exhibition Wind Speed 0 at WALL in Aoyama in 2006, and then published a photo collection of the same name from WALL Publishing. Has also participated in / held many other solo and group exhibitions at locations like galerie AAA in Paris (2006), the Orochi Showroom (2007), Graniph Gallery (2008), and Roentgenwerke (2010).