9.23(Thu) - 9.24(Fri) Graphic Design

9.23(Thu) - 9.24(Fri) Photography

9.25(Sat) - 9.26(Sun) Art + Illustration

9.25(Sat) - 9.26(Sun) Motion Graphic + Interactive

Art collective based out of Tokyo. Endeavors span everything from directing and creating film pieces to live painting, design, and individual creations. Released a video on YouTube in 2006 that garnered widespread attention. Currently active domestically and abroad, showing work as a guest artist at the Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei’s Art Taipei 2009.


Creative team that handles video, CG, music, interface design, and web related projects around a core of graphic design. Members are: Q Asaba, Kent Iitaka, Rei Ishii, Kota Iguchi, Akiou Kato, Satoshi Murai, Hitoshi Morita, and Takahiro Yamaguchi. Single projects are divided up among the members and then brought back together to achieve the highest possible standard of creation and ideas.


Born 1984, raised in Saitama. Completed Musashino Art University’s Design Informatics Department Audio Engineering course before going to work in web design. Uses lights set up in optical patterns to illuminate night streets as part of the project pseudo-light (dreamed up while still in college) to create interactive environments.


A creative group made up of members with backgrounds in computer science, engineering, and design. Strives to develop communication products that connect people using new technology and presentations under the motto “a technology bridge for communication.”

Creative unit comprised of the web team of design production company Wonderful. Every creation is intriguing and goes beyond mere client work. Strives to explore the potential of expression using design and coding, resulting in a wide variety of interactive creations.