9.23(Thu) - 9.24(Fri) Graphic Design

9.23(Thu) - 9.24(Fri) Photography

9.25(Sat) - 9.26(Sun) Art + Illustration

9.25(Sat) - 9.26(Sun) Motion Graphic + Interactive

Currently active as a creative director/interactive designer at Renz, Inc. after working at a Tokyo web production company. Continues to produce interactive art aside from website planning and production. Won the Sugiyama prize at the 5th JWDA WEB Design Awards.


Works in postproduction. Works on various forms of video presentation based on 3DCG, VFX, and animation such as CM, TV program titles, business logo design, games, websites, exhibition videos and VJs.


Joined Sega Enterprises after graduating from Musashino Art University Department of science of design and has since designed many arcade games. Later went independent to work in various fields as an art director. Recent works include QZ-vision, the official data release site for JAXA’s first quasi-zenith satellite, and the music video for Radiohead’s 15step.