The first round of Tokyo Graphic Passport in NY opens by a presentation and exhibitions.

We invite Japanese creators and hold a presentation at IRIS & B.GERALD CANTOR / FILM CENTER NYU, for the first time together, who are prominent among the creative scene in Japan and the world. The event 2014 is parts a project to spread Japan's modern art, design and other cultural information around the world according to a concept of aesthetic sense, regardless of genre, and with a main focus on the emerging generation.

Date: 14 March (Fri)

Doors open: 18:30 p.m.

Time: 19:00 p.m. – 21:00 p.m.


We will invite 3 creators for the presentation at NYU who are prominent among Japanese and the world's creative scene. It will be great opportunity for the mutual understanding and each cultural exchange by the differences and to share the styles through their works and the process. The presentation will be cross-cultural communication and fascinated by their each background and the concept.

Born in 1980 in Tokyo, is an Art director and designer. Joined Onuki Design after completing BA in the Joshibi University of Art and Design. Later went independent in 2007 after a stint at Uchu Country. Mainly works in direction and design in many fields ranging from ads such as, Laforet, visuals of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo and a lot of creative works.

Born in 1973. Graduated of Keio University's Faculty of Environment and Information Studies. Founded Projector in 2004 after working at ad production firm TYO. Responsible for many innovative ad campaigns like the dance music clock "UNIQLOCK" and the mobile music simulator "iida calling". Within 6 years of its founding, Projector received the Grand Prix at the World Top 3 Advertising Festival, and has won over 60 awards.

Filmmaker / Photographer / Writer / Lyricist
Hishikawa began his career in the music industry. He made a transition to the film industry when he moved to NY in 1991. He worked on various kinds of production such as TV programs and films. He then began working as a freelance film director, set director, and web designer. He also participated in the launch of DRAWING AND MANUAL. In 2009, he was appointed professor of Visual Communication Design at Musashino Art University. In 2011, his first solo photo exhibition "Found stories from a movie that doesn't exist" travelled around the nation. And in 2013, he wrote and directed his first short film, "Suzu".

Date: 12 March (Wed) – 25 April (Fri)

Time: 12:00 p.m. – 19:00 p.m.

Venue: +81 Japan Creative Gallery, +81 Studio & Gallery

+81 gallery deploys various efforts to announce works, places for manufacturing project for the commercialization of artistic works as well as the place for sales. The exhibition of posters are by various creators who are prominent among Japanese and the world's creative scene. Also TOHOKU STANDARD will be exhibited various works by NANBU SAKIORI and the high light of TAKEO PAPER SHOW will get together in the gallery.

Tokyo Graphic Posters will be exhibited eclectic mix of the old and the new in NY all together first time by prominent creators among Japan and the world's creative scene, and parts of the posters from Tokyo Graphic Passport at Centre George Pompidou in France 2011, the show that ran for two weeks has recorded about 80,000 visitors.

The project was for people to shop at favorite stores and receive a limited-edition, original item from the Takeo Paper Show 2008 range. Continuing on from the event in 2007, Takeo Fine Paper has been used as the base material in the creation of a range of products (such as stationery sets and posters) whose design reflects the individuality and function of each paper type. This range of original Takeo Paper Show 2008 products have been developed in conjunction with 48 different companies and stores not only for exhibition purposes but a limited number will also be distributed to customers making purchases at selected stores. (Stationery sets only). The paper used in these products is one of 48 different types of Takeo Fine Paper from each of the 48 different companies and stores. It will be exhibited the items which is selected in each 6 boxes by 4 directors at Graphic Passport in NY, 2014.

The Tohoku region has retained its "Mono-Zukuri" tradition or simply put, Traditional Manufacturing Orientation, that was developed in its harsh environment and has been carried on to the present day. Behind it are people who have been evolving and passing down ingenuity, wisdom and thought by deepening their traditional technologies. The TOHOKU STANDARD stands for a view point from which to look at their way of living. It has been rooted, and well-established in the Tohoku region and stands out as the axis for the "Tohoku Mono-Zukuri" orientation.

Date: 15 March (Sat) – 25 April (Fri)

Time: 12:00 p.m. – 19:00 p.m.

Venue: +81 Gallery - New York

The first round of the exhibition at +81 GALLERY opens by Shun Kawakami, Gen Miyamura and Syoh Yoshida. The three people will hold an exhibition in Manhattan, NY for the first time together, who are prominent among the graphic and art scene in Japan and the world.


Born 1977 in Tokyo. Represents artless Inc. Kawakami has been actively involved in a wide array of creative endeavors including art, design, branding, interactive, video, product, installation, and space production. In 2010, he won the Gold Award at the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival for the work he produced for a TV channel in Finland (ch4). Kawakami has been energetically involved in sponsoring exhibitions and projects in Japan and overseas as well as curation while also submitting his art works to different media.


Born 1980 in Shizuoka.Graduated from Niigata University with a Master's Degree in Calligraphy.Sublimating the beauty of characters or Bokusho, an abstract form of brush calligraphy, through radical approaches, Miyamura has developed his works in various media and fields in design or fine art. Miyamura has also contributed in educational field to spread the fun of calligraphy. He has won a range of awards including the prizes at Mainichi Shodo Exhibition & Association, which is the most honorable calligraphy exhibition Japan.


Born 1984 in Nagoya. Graduated from Seian College of Art and Design, Department of Artcraft, majoring in Japanese paintings in 2004. Completed graduate course at Osaka Seikei University Faculty of Art and Design with emphasis on Japanese paintings in 2008. Living in Kyoto, Yoshida has been a prolific artist, who is proactively engaged in solo and group exhibits both in Japan and overseas. He is also an lecturer faculty at Osaka Seikei University Faculty of Art and Design (paintings) as of 2009.

+81, a creative magazine that is distributed approximately 30 countries around the world has proudly been hosting Graphic Passport since 2009. At every creative conference, we have invited well-known creators from various fields to be part of our programs. This event has suggested to be the eye-opening exhibition to the world for not only the quality but also for the quantity in conferences, exhibitions, portfolio viewings and workshops being held. Every season, this event was held in Tokyo but also in venues such as, the Smithsonian Museum in USA (2010), Centre Georges Pompidou in France (2011), NCPA in India and Senac in Brazil (2012).In 2013, it was held in Tokyo themed typographic art works from creators featured by +81 magazine. Tokyo Graphic Passport 2014 will be held in NY and Bangkok in turn.

+81 Gallery – New York

167 Elizabeth Street New York, NY 10012

+81 Studio & Gallery

163 Plymouth Street Brooklyn, NY 11201

+81 Japan Creative Gallery

155 Plymouth Street Brooklyn, NY 11201


36 East Eighth Street, New York, NY 10003-6520


1073 Avenue of the Americas New York, NY 10018